We operate at the forefront of technology. Our engineers are experts in data lakes, data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

Trust us to manage your data efficiently and securely so you don’t have to.


Our cutting edge data intelligence platform is designed for scalability, resilience and flexibility. We use the latest technologies from Google to securely and efficiently process your data, making it available for you to query directly in Google BigQuery or by pushing it to a cloud or on-premise repository of your choice.


Our data platform is built for performance, and enables us to be highly responsive to client needs and requests.

Our proprietary architecture uses a sophisticated combination of master data and metadata to generate ETL pipelines so we can integrate new data sources onto our platform very quickly.


Security is paramount at Wessex, and we have strict policies and technical restrictions in place to ensure our clients’ data is secure and people only get access to the data they are allowed to see.

  • All data is stored in Google’s London data centres and is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • All our Cloud Storage buckets are private and cannot be made publicly available (enforced by our organisation policy).
  • Strict IAM policies limit access to data based on the principle of least privilege, which means no-one has access to any data by default, and access has to be granted on a per user basis by Wessex operations staff.
  • All data is firewalled off at the network level using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) perimeter, and we maintain specific lists of IP addresses that are allowed access.
  • All client data is held in client specific Google Cloud projects which means it is ringfenced from other clients. Clients can only access data in their own projects and this is enforced by our organisation policy.

Data Quality

Having trusted data is critical to making the right decisions. Our data management process has been designed to ensure the highest possible data quality, with strict checks implemented at each processing stage to ensure the data we provide is accurate. Our master data solutions ensure data is consistent regardless of where it originated from.

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